Silent breathless blanket
greets my surprised sleepy eyes,
as I leave the sidewalk and light behind
to find the way unsettled.

The vast moon shimmers
reflected from the Three Sisters
lost in the glitter full ground
Alive! Underneath my black winter boots.

Shadows escape depth perception,
solid forms melt away laughing.
Was that tree always where it appears now,
deviously hiding it’s frozen roots under powder?
I’m sure it will have moved this time tomorrow.

My boots weave their way
to the light of a bridge and cross over.
Relieved and weary I merge with other snowprints,
from a moment darker than mine
soon diluted by throbbing sober daylight.

His confident treaded boots weave masterfully close
to her treacherous exclamation point
She slips and I wonder
about the power of a party to transform
the innocent into fearless mountain trolls.

When I reach the place where he saves her
in a whirling drunken pile of prints,
I can’t help but giggle, what a Hero!
They dared claim ownership over this valley
with a dress coat and suit,
lost in each others joyful insignificance.

Alone again, smiling
on this ordinary,
extraordinary walk to work.


It had just snowed and I was in awe at my surroundings as I took the shortcut to work at 6am to cook breakfast for hungover Sunday Funday locals. I followed those footprints lit up by the full moon reflected off the mountains. Seriously though, who walks gravel trails with heels? Mountain girls that’s who! It is still my funnest memory of my morning commute.


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