To Megan

I’m a bit sad today
I tried to skype you
But it’s tomorrow afternoon
where you’re at
so you’re at work

I remembered
How we’ve laughed
Giggled into the night
When we thought our moms were sleeping tight
(Like they were never little girls!)
Shared solemn secrets
Through tears that fell
Pinky swore we’d never tell

As we grew it became apparent
We had challenges to overcome
Words said in anger never(!)
To be undone
Until we matured and learned
Our differences didn’t matter
We were, in fact, transparent

Now you’re married to a man
Who eats kiwis
He makes you laugh
Your eyes all sparkley
I’m happy for you
Though I miss you everyday
for the second in time
when we were simply
Complicated, giggle full
Little girls



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