Innocent coffee beans
peacefully grown in their
organic free-trade trees.
Cared for, coddled
They live in easy assurance
Safe, for all their known life.

They’ve grown now
in their prime!
Lucky for the last time,
organic free-trade people
sing to them as they
are plucked rudely
thrown soundly into
organic free-trade sacks.

Sadly, but not surprisingly
these beans are bitter.
Until you roast them
(poor dears)

Then! My friends. Then!
They become:

Buzz worthy!

grinding joyfully through
your guilt-free
organic free-trade blood.

You heart beats faster
Joyful for the workout
To feel Alive!
Your flushed skin
sends signals to the brain
shakes your tired bones.

So you can work harder
Think faster, win, succeed!!
to pay for your next coffee.
Left with no time
to be coddled, cared for
to coddle and care for a known life
to feel safe.


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