Dangerous Expectations

pictures from angeline's cell by text 020

Feminism has burned
While regal princesses
rise pristine out of the ashes
Blinded by the glitter
They tell her beautiful
looks the same as successful
they feed her glass candy
filling her body
with Dangerous Expectations
Before she could walk

There is
A flutter of doubt
but the machine is
ready for her
with magazines and reality TV
ready to Protect
future generations
ready to feed their next
Sparkeling glass bellies


I wrote this when my daughter asked me when was her hair was going to be blond, and her eyes blue?
I was mad at myself for my consent, (that is my little girl in the picture) for my pleasure at the way other people looked at her with her super cute dress on. I was weak and in a time where feminism is a bad word, where the first thing on their bodies is a disney princess diaper, where girls are told every little girl loves barbies.  I have to remind myself to be strong and raise her to be a strong, confident, critical thinker, who knows she’s beautiful just the way she is. Good Luck, eh? Well all I can do is try.


2 thoughts on “Dangerous Expectations”

  1. your poem was beautiful!
    Sometimes it does feel like an uphill battle teaching our little girls to love themselves just the way they are. But you sound like such a strong, incredible woman yourself. And trust me, that effect will not be lost on her. The more she realizes there are women, and men, who see past the superficiality the more comfortable she will be in expressing her authentic self. xx


    1. My heart is bursts! Thank you much for your kind words and your assurance! I’m glad we’re all in this raising awesome humans thing together:) I’m going to check out your blog right now! I can’t wait!


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