To heaven
Bypass Hell
I was told we are
Flawed but all is forgiven
(So, it’s ok to act shitty, I guess?)
To disbelief
And misunderstanding
Thrust forward
To want more
Ruthless in pursuit
To a better life
Where your stuff
Is even more meaningless
To the people
you want to impress
To a sweet vacation
Beaches and make believe
Pre-paid money
Ceases to exist
It’s worthless
In the land of
Happiness and laughter
So I’ll chose to stay where I am
For now
And stamp my
Happy which makes
The paper worthless
In the face of excess
And wanting more.


My husband and I do 10 minute free-writes and take turns choosing a topic. He chose passport because he’s been trying to to get ours done for over a year! We lost birth certificates, then the papers, then we got busy as all families do. This is my 10 minutes.


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