Over for the first time

I didn’t see the vacuum as it
sucked out all the air from my body
when you sat at the end of my bunk bed
to define us.

You used murky absolutes and flailing doubt
as my lungs grew sticky
my heart double beat, I flushed
I felt like I had just tested
a battery with my tongue
I wanted to recoil and spit
out the fact I had ever known you.

I tried to remain calm but the anger!
It seeped though my blood and
I could feel it drip off my skin
for 5 minutes I became
predictably insane.

When I finished we were overcome
by an underwhelming silence
then he left and it was over
for the first time.

I wrote the first daft of this piece in my early 20’s. It’s been bugging me ever since, I like this version….for now


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