Country Song


I was living in the country
every year till I was twenty
hay fevered dreams and cricket song
as I sped through the fields all summer long
and it seemed like I’d be there forever
never thought my heart could be severed

But I was wrong
of course so
so wrong

My heart was attacked and
before I could get it back
I was baptized by clear rivers
by mountains so awesome I got shivers

Life finally turned punk rock for me
sent me a partner who wanted the same things as me
I hiked, I biked, I dreamed
I saw things most people will never see

I bring my kids to the country now
all they can smell is the shit from that cow
I try to tune them into that cricket song
all they hear is silence they tell me I’m wrong
They’re hearts are still whole in their hometown
where the chinook wind is a more familiar sound


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