Pet peeve 

My cat is beside me
licking her fur
rather obnoxiously 
she’s doing it on purpose
just to bug me
I’m sure

I hear her barbed tongue 
as it grates along her fur
and her wee head is moving
too close to my eyes

I don’t know why it bugs me
and I’m not bragging, not proud
I’m exaustingly mad
under my skin is itchy
twitchy I twist and squirm
and finally shout
insane over the sound
of her cleanliness

But what I hate EVEN MORE
is the act of chewing
I hate all people who chew. Inclusivly. All the time
I know they are chewing just to bug me.
The biting sound like a bomb
I duck a bit to avoid the hit

And when saliva and tongue swirl and force food to erupt mouth noise I am lost.

I am seriously fucking mad
I twitch and squirm so violently   
I know there is a demon inside me who is even more angry and who wants to fucking kill the fucker who is chewing the food.

It’s not rational, I know
or real, if there was a way to
control that thing inside me I would, but I can’t! I try to hold it in but I just fucking snap!

I think they do it on purpose
Just to bug me
I’m sure.


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