Winter running

In between the crunchy

Squeaks my shoes

Protest the silence

I breath ice like fire

Through my lungs 

Before I remember 

My nose as a filter

But it’s too late

I have to stop but the silence

Bleeds into my heart 

As the cold presses

Against my bones

But this is not the time to rest 

I’m soaked in sweat

It’s dangerous

I remind myself to keep running.





#trailrunning #winterrunning #staysafeoutthere #getoutside #claimfreedom #adventure #explore #training #badpoetry #doitanyway #lovewhatyoudo


5 thoughts on “Winter running”

    1. Thank you so much for saying so. As you know, there is a lot of self doubt when it comes to things from the creative mind. I was just considering my status as a poet and was about to give up on publishing. Your comment really changed the tide for me today! Much love.

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