Spring Patio


With my coffee to early
steam lifts the warmth away
and the sun splays around
this closed umbrella.

Birds chatter about the weather
I take a sip past our flag at Canmore Legion Three Sisters Division #3
Drink deep in the postcard that lurks beautifully
behind all the gravel roads that brought me to me.

The road to my childhood lead to the barn
limits tested from the roof in a gap of straw bails
awe at new life found in the hay
shared with my brothers in wonder.

The road to Adulthood lead to Fortress Mountain
limits tested with a snowboard in the dark
awe at life at the top while cuts were made deep
shared with adult-lings as lost as me.

The road to Marriage lead to here
limits tested by youth and growth
awe at the life we created together
shared with my partner in adventure.


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