perfectly pickled humans…

You are safe
from germs, super bugs, and fermentation
the government has paid to protect
the people who provide
stainless steel sanitation

push food products
shaped like the real thing!
made just for you
your children too

babies branded from birth
innocent asses plastered
with fast cars and princesses
parents bribed with allergies and
studies to prove what is
good for you is not….

(we’re shocked…)
reassured by injections
of minerals and synthetic vitamins

perfectly pickled for your protection


Chef’s Ode to a Potluck

Prawns in that pot were the end of my luck
Over the threshold home to my crimson bowl
Tangy green I crawl out on my knees
Lurch savage to my bed what I ate pounds alive in my head
Under the covers I shoot a stink eye at my lover
Can’t control his RSVP frenzy
Kryptonite civilian potlucks

Shift end

Not to pretend anything is a thing
but I have to wait before the drive home
alone with my book and a found pen
september snow keeps me from my un-sad life
makes un-life more bearable as it gets louder
the shaker crawls under my teeth with shouts
and shrieks and awkward winks while I wait
for my eyes to clear another shot
at life the speakeasy quiet
an insult to the lonely customer beside me
asked me how I could write in my diary
unhooked vibe not super profound
the new hero on the edges
of this bar crowd


Onions, bleach
salt and lemons
No time to look up
past the demands
of others.

Onions, bleach
salt and lemons
trained by talent
to make the impossible

Onions, bleach
salt and lemons
in the belly
of my life where
work sits uncomfortable
beside family.

Onions, bleach
salt and lemons
hurt inclusively
on exposed
or vulnerable flesh.

Onions , bleach
salt and lemons.



Billie Holiday and Bourbon
Sipped as I sway gently

in rhythm with
my knife find
peace everytime
I cook it’s for love.

Carefully chopped
elegant onions
sautéed until
clear like magic.
this moment
the only one
that’s perfect
to add garlic
till it’s fragrant
Splash bourbon for love.

Streched lips
break free into song
Slam into unforgiving
meat makes tender love.

I am all there is
in this kitchen
All this enchanted
bounty has
is me
and I am whole love.

Add more
This is a dance
I will choreograph forever.