In her sleeves drowned
bees drift in freeze dried hair
Someday fear will come
she will not die when it’s fair

When words fester 
chaos can be counted on
to show up dressed as grief
Curled into sleepless nights

under your sleeping bagged eyes
uncomfortably restricted thoughts
tossed dreams against your lashes

As she begins to absorb your passion
clarity and strength
emboldened in hilarity 
honoured to carry you
under her eyes
sleep well
wise friend.


Arm Hairs

Under the yellow moon
shadows are mistaken for life
our heartbeats set a marching tune
leading us to exposed, fatal heights

We stand on the edge arms raised
palpable darkness arrests our bodies
In alignment without praise 
our  arm hairs whisper love stories

And when they turn to hold eachother
of course  they’re already falling
emboldened by stars as their cover
Like entwined comets exhaling

Under the Stairs

Under the stairs
where dreams gather
proud felines prowl
with eyes that reflect
no light so that
when they run away
to play with the things
behind seeing
I don’t follow

Under the stairs
where emotions hide
that’s where I keep
mine anyways so I
can say hello and
be polite without
the need to hide
under the stairs

No Filter


pulled under this
mom-ified morning
in Lunch boxes
and breakfast smoothies

“where’s your socks?
(5 times)
brush your hair!
(4 times)
are you wearing underwear?”
(just once!)

bundle up
touque, buff, mitts
charge out into
half night find space
to look up
pause together

Waves in the sky
crash dry against
stable mountain peaks


2 Minutes

Ice bubbles wretchedly
through the dark corners
of my secret pond
thunder echoes through
this dark December valley.
Meets with the sky as
fireworks explode in the distance
curiously small against rundle range
Darkness expelled for a moment
I can see the way the lights and colors
reflect through his frosty eyelashes
Darkness returns
mixed with whoops and hollers like aftershocks
echo hollow through this new January night
another bubble gurgles closer to the surface
but there is no thunder no cracks
it’s a new beginning
Two minutes between this year and last