Bones to Cartilage 

Alone after her day
cradles her third glass
tagged by friends this time
she understands control

cut love from your head
it doesn’t belong there anyways
paste it to your heart even though
it hurts as much as they say

pick ideas like I pick my skin
it leaves scars where my worry lives
distorted close ups turn life left
in the mirror

limits on lower lips
grasped by spotted teeth
pierced drips of frustration
tinted memories turned vignette

melt into your couch
drink to accessorize you
deserve it after a long week
on your screen that’s made your
weak bones relax to cartilage 

his hand on her skin
where backs arch free
to park myself in your skin.



In her sleeves drowned
bees drift in freeze dried hair
Someday fear will come
she will not die when it’s fair

When words fester 
chaos can be counted on
to show up dressed as grief
Curled into sleepless nights

under your sleeping bagged eyes
uncomfortably restricted thoughts
tossed dreams against your lashes

As she begins to absorb your passion
clarity and strength
emboldened in hilarity 
honoured to carry you
under her eyes
sleep well
wise friend.


My heart has a double beat
occasional and reckless
I call her Alice
She’s normal, they say
until she starts to sing

I’m not ready to listen
but she stays with me
until I cough her back to sleep
scared of what she’ll tell me

she’ll say;
what I know of truth isn’t
what i interpret in others isn’t
or what I believe of myself isn’t


Oh Alice


on the road to your heart
like lightning in the dark
electrified at a glance
left with the thumping rhythm of the rain
and the wipers as the storm
presses cold fingers
against the window.

on the road to your heart
are snow drift lined sunny skies
and even with sunglasses on
to fight glaring realities
breaks are still applied unnecessarily
there is a skid before tires scream
into a lazy spin towards the ditch.

on the road to your heart
slow down for construction
with miles of hearts lined up
not committed to being a part of anything,
content to be alone and frustrated
by the lack of forward momentum.
A familiar ache to get
where you’re supposed to be
at the right time
for the right thing to happen.

on the road to your heart
alone in the dark with headlights
following to close from behind,
making the way forward unclear
and no matter what speed you go
you can’t shake the feeling
that you might be going
the wrong way.

Mountain Shadow


In mountain shadow
Stands event-less day
Bordered by every other day

In mountain shadow I’m
Discouraged by my own
Lack of reflection
dwarfed by a greater
Need I wonder lost

Fill days with all the living
Until I forget I’m still in
The shadow of the mountain
But the sun doesn’t move and

I’m too busy to fix it
So I Shiver in the shadow
Waiting for the sun.