On Funny

I am not funny
in the moment
when I try to be
I don’t write anything
my funny is accidental

I am too sensitive for funny
so I don’t hear my words
until they’re outside
my head

into your ears
laughter floats
into your mouth
bubbles of funny
pop out to surprise me

refections of your
laugh make me laugh
my funny is accidental


To come Toe Gather

Through the light in his manic eyes
the confidence of of the going to die
scared by his will to live
we hide our eyes with tears
hide courage in backlit text quotes

a blink of humble through
the distorted bubble where
news hurts in 30 seconds or less

and happiness is more
than my visa can afford
who claimed the work flag?
stole our fingers and free time

credit buys our toes on a beach
with an all inclusive beer
documented for future vindication
because if nobody sees your not really amazing
too safe life
did it really happen?

2 thoughts in 10 minutes



Salt builds
reckless in my eyebrows
only to melt and drip
laughing into my tired eyes
stung by renewal I blink, swerve
and swear as I rub ribbons of
stress from my face with
glacier water so cold I can’t breathe
stings when it hits my hot skin


Free write
light bright
lost tonight
between the light
over the moon
under the shadows
off trail
use sheets as a sail
as we drift alone
just out of reach
fingertip to fingertip
unseen against the screen
lonely together
like it’s meant to be

This crack


This crack
this inhospitable crack
shields depth with plants
against the sun as it pulls
the rocks they push unpleasant
thoughts over the valley
where life flows together
graceful waves of colour
and laughter

This crack
this inhospitible crack
refused to be barren
refused to be defined
even as the word splintered
up the centre
strong in thoughtless

Life circles
out of disaster
into the light.

The Edge

I’ve never been to the edge

I gave up, moved on, forgot

where the edge was lost it

when I told myself Enough

that’s far Enough

that’s close Enough

that’s it, I’ve had Enough

I choose four ways

In twenty-one days

To breath deep into life

Inclusive and focused

Ready this time

to stand on the edge