Soaked in partisan 

Slaps lungs tangled up with heart beats

Lost to stubbled life


2 thoughts in 10 minutes



Salt builds
reckless in my eyebrows
only to melt and drip
laughing into my tired eyes
stung by renewal I blink, swerve
and swear as I rub ribbons of
stress from my face with
glacier water so cold I can’t breathe
stings when it hits my hot skin


Free write
light bright
lost tonight
between the light
over the moon
under the shadows
off trail
use sheets as a sail
as we drift alone
just out of reach
fingertip to fingertip
unseen against the screen
lonely together
like it’s meant to be

Filtered light
flicks my eyelashes
with black and white precision.
I am disoriented
in the forest.
Doubt has thrilled me  
and all that is left
is the right way
when all the wrong ways
creep feral against shadows.

All the rocks and roots
I trip against with my words
and actions, are easily conquered
out here. Even as the light 
plays with my confidence
I am whole


I relish my breath
the deep and shallow depths of lung
that bring me to the highest
and lowest example of what it means
to be in me so hard it hurts
in ways lungs and legs
aren’t supposed to be meant to take

I Became less in the moment I became more
9 hours to triumph over
the nag (it’s just me!) as it slays my insides
insists I am destined for more
for strength
for confidence
while ripping my heart out of my chest
and piercing in it between my ears
I am scared I’ll be lonely and lost

I could have breathed deeper
for shorter and faster
for worse

Or better with the eyes of a child
it’s just you against yourself
out there in the the wild

Country Song


I was living in the country
every year till I was twenty
hay fevered dreams and cricket song
as I sped through the fields all summer long
and it seemed like I’d be there forever
never thought my heart could be severed

But I was wrong
of course so
so wrong

My heart was attacked and
before I could get it back
I was baptized by clear rivers
by mountains so awesome I got shivers

Life finally turned punk rock for me
sent me a partner who wanted the same things as me
I hiked, I biked, I dreamed
I saw things most people will never see

I bring my kids to the country now
all they can smell is the shit from that cow
I try to tune them into that cricket song
all they hear is silence they tell me I’m wrong
They’re hearts are still whole in their hometown
where the chinook wind is a more familiar sound

My Town


We don’t live in trailers
they’re manufactured homes
strollers are ghetto
we escort our children by chariot
as we drink skinny caramel lattes
and pretend we’re busy with our phones

In this town
at the gate of the Canadian Rockies
In this town
In a postcard where we all say cheese

we don’t go for walks
some of us hike the reals ones trek
they say “you better watch out, man
I almost broke my neck”
our response is a relaxed
“don’t worry buddy, I can do it
better than you anyways”