On Funny

I am not funny
in the moment
when I try to be
I don’t write anything
my funny is accidental

I am too sensitive for funny
so I don’t hear my words
until they’re outside
my head

into your ears
laughter floats
into your mouth
bubbles of funny
pop out to surprise me

refections of your
laugh make me laugh
my funny is accidental


perfectly pickled humans…

You are safe
from germs, super bugs, and fermentation
the government has paid to protect
the people who provide
stainless steel sanitation

push food products
shaped like the real thing!
made just for you
your children too

babies branded from birth
innocent asses plastered
with fast cars and princesses
parents bribed with allergies and
studies to prove what is
good for you is not….

(we’re shocked…)
reassured by injections
of minerals and synthetic vitamins

perfectly pickled for your protection

Shower Hazards

When my thoughts
run away from me
laugh, taunt and tease

me as I scramble
out of my inspired
shower to find


in this uninspired room
to record my
obliviously unimportant
poetic musings

as my thoughts skip and
dance with strobe light
blankness and fullness

finally I have a pen and
my thoughts trip
for a second but I catch
a piece as they run away

it’s in a different
direction but I don’t care
because I’m laughing now.