The Banff Centre

The Banff Centre
(a journal)

My most uninspiring journal
Was also my worst physically
Of course

I knew it wasn’t going to work out
But I wanted the right name on the cover


I hate lines…..
Lines are a fucking institution
And my left hand wastes
At least an inch
Making every prose a shitty poem

She’s matte black
With the date in the upper right hand corner
And an ECO stamp in the lower right hand corner
She says “BANFF” in white (!)
And in red, “centre for arts and creativity”

But the fucking spine unwinds
Like it’s breaking up with me
It’s the first time we’ve met
Lost amongst the artist colonies
fuck you spine

and fuck you Banff
for congregating audiences
that clap for rock and roll
like it’s a birdie in golf

with their pineapple print
dead granny blouses French tucked
into their people free-ing skinny jeans
(like, for real?)